B Loved Ethiopia

Building Project

B Loved Ethiopia's Multipurpose Building

This building will assist our older B Loved children with their transitions to maturity, adulthood and independent living. It creates and clears the path to self-employment. Furthermore, the multipurpose building allows B Loved to perform income-generating activities, earn money, and progressively secure the sustainability of its services and impacts.

Included on this property: 
- Design school
- Make-up school
- Beauty salon
- Cafeteria
- Mini-restaurant
- Tailoring
- Training rooms
- Conference hall

The older children who are unable to attend university will be self-employed by managing and working in one of the aforementioned business ventures.

The project also seeks to provide 500 urban youngsters in Debre Zeit with practical skills in design, tailoring, electricity, and make-up and beauty salons. It is intended to alleviate poverty by tackling unemployment by instilling the aforementioned occupational skills in youngsters so that the youths become active participants in income-generating activities, hence improving their economic standards in the long run.

The project focuses on youth since they are the most engaged age group in society and a unique age group that influences the future.

See our blueprints below.