Group homes for orphans in Ethiopia

Every Child Deserves a Hopeful Future

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Every Child Deserves to Be Loved.

Your Support Creates Families Through Group Homes

"For me B Loved is not an organization, B Loved is a family."
- Abraham
"Next to God I want to thank the people of B Loved who are taking care of me and my brothers and sisters."
- Yenenesh
"When I joined B Loved, from the beginning I felt loved."
- Birhanu

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Tom & Dottie

Being a B Loved sponsor has allowed us to be the hands and feet of God to children halfway across the world. We know we cannot help all of the orphans, but I can make a difference by helping a few. Our hearts are so full after meeting the B Loved kids, moms, aunts and staff.

Sharla & Dave

We love the opportunity to financially support our sponsored B Loved kiddos. It is incredible to build a personal relationship with these amazing children . What B Loved is providing for these kids is far beyond any other program we have previously supported!

Mark & Chelsea

We love being a sponsor with B Loved! It makes all the difference to KNOW that your money is actually helping someone. It's been a joy in our family to support and pray for the little girl we sponsor. We feel like she is a part of our family!

Alyson Aaron

I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to B Loved Ethiopia on three occasions and each time I go I am blown away by this organization. The staff working in Ethiopia has such a deep love and passion for the children as well as the mission of B Loved.

Stop the endless cycle

Provide hope

Providing a hopeful future for undervalued children, specifically in another country, can be daunting. You spend hours trying to find the right organization, only to walk away empty handed and frustrated because there are so many options. Like you, we know that everyone has the right to a hopeful future and we are committed to seeing this happen in the lives of orphaned children. That's why we've spent since 2013 providing care for kids in the small town of Sodo, Ethiopia.

Your financial investment will provide homes, a nurturing family and a supportive community to these Ethiopian children. So, donate today and in the meantime, download the free PDF "5 Generosity Hacks (That Help You Create Social Change)". Stop the endless cycle of feeling like you don't do enough and begin to provide hope for children in Ethiopia.

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5 Generosity Hacks to Help You Make Social Change

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