B Loved Ethiopia

Mission & Story

Several years ago, B Loved’s founders felt called to a town in Ethiopia called Sodo. As one of the poorest cities in Ethiopia, many children become orphans having lost both of their parents due to HIV or sickness. We talked with a friend in Ethiopia to help us figure out what was the best way to care for these children and give them the next best thing to a biological family and to ensure they are ready for the future God has for them. We came up with a plan to help as many children in this community as possible. This led us to form a non profit called B Loved Foundation, with the intention that every child should B Loved. What we created was small group homes of 8 children per home and hired moms to live in each home. Families were created with brothers and sisters these children could grow up with and a mom who will care for them. We also hired a project director who is the father figure for the children. Currently we are taking care of 56 children in 8 homes and are in the process of building a development center.