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Books, Biogas and Baptisms!

January 15, 2023

We hope your new year is off to a great start! Ours started off positive with another visit from our founder, David. The kids love it when he comes to visit and we were able to spend a lot of quality time together.

Volunteers from Sodo University, Medicine School also came to the group homes and visited our kids. The volunteers shared love to the kids by spending their time telling them insightful stories that contain great lessons.

Our current weekly Bible study is focusing on the gospels, and the title of the study guide is “Following Jesus”. The kids are all growing in their knowledge and understanding of scripture.

B Loved Addis children presented a dance on the Special Gift Day – “Dink Sitota” which was organized by the Love and Care Ministry.

The care and support service monitoring effort is done through conducting monthly meetings with the moms and aunts. One of the things mentioned at the meeting was that all the moms and aunts agreed that they noticed positive progress in the character of the children last year.

We have hired two new group home moms for Sodo and are excited for them to join our family.

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The community people, mainly students,are using the B Loved library. 74 people used the library this month. B Loved public library provided its service five days a week. Several customers were asking the library to carry a very important high school reference book, called Extreme. 25 books were purchased by this month and the customers were happy when they saw those books on the library shelves.

Planting biogas (a renewable energy source) was suggested for its multiple benefits. The process takes 10-15 days. We have begun the process and look forward to the benefits.

Four of our Bishoftu children were baptized at Bishoftu Full Gospel Church. They are showing promising spiritual change in their life and we are so proud.

Thank you for following along and supporting us! 

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