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Bright Beginnings

January 22, 2024

As we embrace the new year at B Loved Ethiopia, we are excited and hopeful for all that is in store. In this month's update, we highlight the strides we've taken in the construction in Bishoftu, the progress of the children that inspire us, and the collective efforts that continue to bring hope and change to those who need it most.

- Samuel has transitioned to a new foster family in Addis, led by Wagaye, a dedicated mother with a history of fostering children. Samuel has started school at Future Generation Hope, and we trust he's in good hands with Wagaye.

- We continue to guide the children in their daily routines, and many are showing progress in adhering to their weekly plans. Bible reading and quiet time with the Lord are emphasized, fostering spiritual growth.

- The kids enjoyed a Christmas Carnival that was prepared by Love and Care. They had a great time together at the fun holiday celebration.

- The B Loved Ethiopia Public Library served 134 students/customers this past month. We love that we are able to share this resource with our community.

- By the reporting month 1,753 liters of milk was produced from the cows. There is also currently three pregnant cows!

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- Volunteers organized a blood donation event. The Wolaita Zone blood-bank staff members came to the Sodo Christian Hospital to assist the process. Some of the B Loved kids, moms, and staff members came to donate blood. A total of 17 units of blood were collected from the session. It is known that there is severe scarcity of blood at the National blood bank. They appreciated the commitment of the volunteers and of those who donated blood for this good cause.

- In Bishoftu, 11 girls and 6 boys attend private schools, emphasizing our commitment to quality education.

- One of our children, Alemayehu Belete, was chosen to run as a representative of his school so we bought a running uniform for him. He is doing remarkably well in athletics, which is his favorite.

- Check out the pictures below to see the progress in the main building and poultry farming building in Bishoftu.

Despite ongoing budget shortages, we continue promoting resource conservation and exploring income-generating avenues, like selling milk. Your contribution to our general fund or sponsoring a child without full sponsorship would greatly assist in meeting the basic daily needs of the children. Your support is crucial and 100% directly contributes to our mission. Thank you for your generosity!

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