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Busy and Blessed

June 12, 2023

We’ve been busy and blessed this past month! Take a look at a few highlights:

  • Our construction in Bishoftu is still going strong. You can see by the pictures below that we have made more progress. We love that this project is also providing work for many locals.
  • Most of our students took their school mid-examination this past month and the eighth grade students took the first model exam. The older children who are doing really well academically have been assisting the younger kids with their studies. It’s great to see them helping each other out!
  • Remember how hard it could sometimes be as a kid? We want to make sure all of our kids have the support and guidance they need. Since the majority of the B Loved kids are in their adolescent years, we are providing appropriate advice and counseling in a group setting and individually.
  • Our Sodo children had a surprise party for the moms on ‘World Mothers’ Day’. They were so happy and felt very loved.
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  • B Loved has recently supported 150 needy families (about 900 individuals) who are affected by the frequent drought in Borena Zone, Dubluk Woreda internally displaced people (IDP site). Each family received 50 Kg maize flour, 25 Kg haricot bean (Red bean) and 1 liter of cooking oil. We are always so happy to be able to bless others in our community. The Disaster and Risk Management office gave us a certificate of appreciation for the B Loved Foundation.
  • Some of our cows were sick and received treatment this past month. We are hoping the treatment will clear all the infection. We also had another female calf born! Veterinary Doctor, Zemedkun, assisted in the delivery process of the cow.
  • If you would like to study along with us, the Sodo kids are currently learning from James 1:18–25; 3:13–18. We are also discussing how to study scripture.

Thank you for your love and support. It means more to us and the children than you know and as you can see, the love is being spread and blessing those all around Ethiopia.

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