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Celebrate Good Times

February 23, 2023

This past month has been full of celebration. The Christmas holiday (celebrated in Ethiopia January 7th), construction completion, good grades, baptisms and more! Let's dive in...

First, we want to give you an update on our Bishoftu project and the progress we’ve made there. The construction for the dairy farm is complete and 4 cows and 3 calves were transferred from Sodo to Bishoftu. Water tankers were purchased of various sizes: one 25,000 liter and three 3,200 liters. These will be used for building work and different sizes of milk containers for dairy farming.

The leveling and excavation for the main building has started this month and the progress is good so far. We are excited for even further progress on the construction of the B Loved vocational center here.

Several gospel volunteers and teachers of Sunday school children visited our children and supported us in different ways like bringing Christmas gifts and baking biscuits. B Loved Ethiopia and Kidmia Association Board members visited Bishoftu children and prayed for them.

Participating in the community and offering our support is one of our roles. This month we made Christmas gifts for the needy. This is done in collaboration with Bishoftu town Women and Children’s Affair.

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Addis and Sodo Project

We would like to congratulate Abadi for his high score and passing the University Entrance Examination! We know he worked hard and we’re so proud of his success. Birehanu is also achieving the highest grade in his College class! Way to go guys!

Volunteers from Wolaita Sodo University School of Medicine and Sodo High School Students came to visit and spend time with us. Some of the activities enjoyed were: playing games, sharing Bible stories, giving advice, singing together using musical instruments, presenting gifts, sharing their life experiences and praying with them.

Two of the B Loved Ethiopia girls, Tesfanesh Omate and Meskerem Sendeno were baptized on Jan 1, 2023. We are so happy for them and their strong faith.

In all of B Loved’s group homes, Christmas was celebrated this past month. All the children were very happy and enjoyed the holiday with gifts and great food.

The community members have enjoyed using the B Loved development center for different purposes. In the month of January, there was a national football competition for under the age of twenty. B Loved Ethiopia was formally asked to use the fields for the clubs who came from other parts of Ethiopia to play.

Although we have made some great progress, we have also been met with some challenges like running low on water. This past month we needed to buy some water from the town to supplement. If you feel moved to give to our general fund to help with unexpected expenses like these, we would be very grateful. Thanks you for your ongoing support and love!

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