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Changing Lives

March 10, 2021

This past month the kids have been studying hard for their semester exams. As of now, the Sodo children are still waiting to take theirs so they’ve been busy preparing, but the older kids in Addis have taken their exam and the results are in. Say a big congratulations to Tekalegn Teshome who scored the highest in his respective class! Way to go Tekalegn!!

We have been working on fixing up our library!

Shelves have been purchased and books have started to be arranged. To manage the library, we promoted Aster (one of our project staff) to Librarian and she is now handling the library full time. 

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Reorientation of Kid’s Manual

Sodo staff reviewed the newly published manuals with the kids and went over things like: “Kid’s Rights and Duties”. This was a great reminder for them and helps equip the kids to learn how to balance a family life with the organization system.


If you have kids in your life, you know first hand how fast they grow! Each year, B Loved provides all the children new clothing and necessities. A new blanket, bed sheets, pillow, pajamas, sandals, trousers, shirts and shoes were provided for all 57 kids and cultural clothes were given to the Addis children. The kids always enjoy getting these new clothes and they are purchased with the support from you! It is always greatly appreciated.


We are still in the process of trying to receive all of the necessary paperwork to admit the new child we announced previously. We are waiting on his legal document to facilitate the admitting process. Please keep him in your prayers and that we are able to get him initiated soon!

Also, if you’ve been following along for a while you know we’ve been working with the government on acquiring more land but it’s been a lengthy, slow process. To give you an update, we are frequently visiting the government office to finish the process so that we can hopefully start construction soon on the new homes. 

We hope you enjoy getting an update of how the kids are doing and everything you are helping us accomplish within the B Loved Foundation.

If you’ve been thinking of sponsoring a child but haven’t taken the next steps, don’t wait. These kids truly feel your love and the support is changing their life forever. Thank you for following along on our journey. 

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