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Clear Impact

May 19, 2022

The impact we are making together is clear to see!

Academic Recognition

The Bisrate Gebriel students of Addis Ababa have finished the second term successfully  (they have three terms per year). Three of them were awarded in the top five certificates in the flag ceremony. The awarded students were Engida Biniam (Rank 2), Lukas Labena (Rank 3) and Tekalign Mitiku (Rank 4). Way to go!!

Five children in Bishoftu have officially started their education at Bole Elementary and Secondary School. The other six children are currently getting support at home and starting to learn their alphabet and counting!

Physical Fun

Our Sodo boys have a weekly football game with their peers at the B Loved center which they all really enjoy! Three to four times a week they have time for physical exercises at their group homes with the help of a local professional athlete! This is always a fun way to stay active and socialize within the community.

US family’s Visit

It’s always a time to remember when our team from the US gets to come for a visit!

They were all able to meet the new Bishoftu children for the first time and spend a few days with them. There are 11 children in two group homes in Bishoftu.  All the children were so happy to meet their new US family. In addition, Addis children went to Bishoftu to meet the new children as well! Bishoftu children felt loved, cared for and enjoyed socializing with their brothers and sisters.

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Powerful Testimony

At church services Abadi and Bemni/Bogalech shared their life story and experience with B Loved to the church members. Their speech showed the clear impact David and the organization’s support has made on their lives.


We celebrated Easter together and it was extra special to see the new children experiencing their first holiday with B Loved!

Government Monitoring Visit

The periodic monitoring visit from the National Office of Civic Society came to Sodo this past month to monitor the Sodo project. The team had a thorough discussion, visited services offered to the community at the B Loved Ethiopia Center and visited all the group homes. It was a successful visit.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider sponsoring a child. With the addition of the 11 children in Bishoftu we need your support now more than ever. We will continue to update you and show the true impact your love and generosity are making!
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