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Fun in the Sun

September 13, 2021

August was summer break for the children, and we packed in the fun with special visits from friends and loved ones, as well as summer camps and amazing excursions!


The children had a wonderful visit with their dad, David. He spent time with them playing, talking, and teaching. He also brought gifts that the children enjoyed immensely!


Interns from Ethiopian Theological College (ETC) visited the children again this month. They trained our boys in martial arts and they trained our girls in mat-making. They also played games together outside. Our children enjoyed all the activities and the time spent with the interns, who have now finalized their internships. We wish them the best and are so thankful for their investment of time in our children.

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The Addis Adaba Children had the opportunity to participate in recreation and life skills training at the Youth Development Training & Research Center (CDTRC). For the life skills portion, the trainers raise powerful stories and show videos that relate to the day’s theme. The theme of the first day was CHANGE, the second day was ENDURANCE, and the third day was SELF MANAGEMENT and summary of the training.

The recreation portion focused on outdoor games that challenged the children physically but were also so much fun! At the end of every game, there was time for reflection on the lessons learned in the activity.

The Sodo children participated in a four-week summer program designed and executed by technical and admin staff, moms, aunties, and kids. Community volunteers were also involved in the implementation of the program with the permanent staff. Activities included in the summer program were English language learning, music, art activities, drawing and handwriting, computer skills, Bible studies, sports, and some agricultural activities.


All Addis students were fortunate to visit Debrezeit, about 40 km away from Addis. They enjoyed a delicious meal and a boat ride on Babo-Gaya Lake. All Sodo children had the opportunity to visit Entoto and Unity Parks during their stay in Addis to see David. They had a great time racing pedal carts and playing on the playgrounds!

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