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Fun on the Farm

June 17, 2022

We've had a lot going on with our B Loved family since our last update and are happy to share it all with you!

Dairy Farm Activities

Did you know we have cows? B Loved has a small dairy farm and the cows are doing well and producing milk every day. Also, two of the cows gave birth! Both of them are female and we love the learning experience they provide for the children.

Academic Acknowledgements

  • Dawit Nega and Tekalign Teshome were selected as nominees to be part of the “Ethio Math Olympiad Competition” by representing their schools.
  • Tiruye has finished first year courses at Admas University and she has currently registered for second year.
  • Birhanu has started his first year class also at Admas University in Accounting.

We are proud of their hard work and dedication to their studies! Keep up the great work!!

Sodo children play soccer, basketball, and other games at the center every Saturday. The social workers, moms, project director and the driver were all actively engaged in the facilitation of the sport activities at the center and everyone really enjoys this time together!

UPDATE: B Loved Center Land Case

The Bishoftu city administration arranged new land for our center. The progress seems to be going well. The mayor’s office has already prepared the minutes and sent them to the Land Development and Management Office. We are hopeful that this process continues to go smoothly so that we can begin to build the new center.

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  • Life Coaching training was given for three days by ‘I Pour Life’ Ethiopia Director, Mr. Jeya. All project directors, church representatives and other staff of B Loved and Kidmia could attend the training at Gudina Tumsa training center. The training was very powerful with two major objectives: to transform the trainees first and then to help the target groups as a life coach by using the principles of life coaching. The training was brief and informative with good supportive material for further reading.
  • Training on developing skills of disciplining kids was given at the B Loved Ethiopia center. “Love and Care Ministry” provided training to the moms, aunts, and social workers on ways to love and to discipline kids. The training added a very good understanding on the way moms, aunts and other staff see the kids and support them.

Community Involvement

Volunteers of Sodo have continued to partner with B Loved Ethiopia to assist the OVC Care and Support activities. They taught our kids songs, assisted in physical exercise, shared their stories and more. It really makes the kids feel supported knowing their community cares about them.

Prayer Request

B Loved has offered medical support for a child of Former Orphanage of Bishoftu Children, Murad Mester. He is a 3 year old boy living in Sebeta OVC Center, which is a government transition center for OVC. He has clubfoot with other health issues. B Loved Ethiopia brought him to Addis Ababa Black Lion Hospital to see if bone surgery or any treatment would be helpful for him. The hospital diagnosed him and set a future appointment since his medical case is highly complicated (Grade III esophageal varices with high risk of bleeding). They prescribed some medication until his next appointment. Please join us in praying for this little boy and the doctors caring for him.

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