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Growth in Action

April 29, 2024

B Loved is thrilled to share that our growth and progress continue in all areas of our projects. Here are a few of the highlights from this past month:

Addis and Sodo Project:

  • Children received new clothes, which they were so excited about. See them below rocking their new looks!
  • Various activities such as Bible study, sports, games, counseling, mentorship, and coaching sessions were provided to the children to help them learn and grow.
  • A special event was held to celebrate academic achievements, which was motivating and inspiring to all the kids.
  • Income-generating activities like offering services such as milk, guest housing, video/photography, and rental of the sports facilities are helping sustain the project financially.
  • A visit from government officials recognized the center's efforts and resources while also giving constructive feedback and suggestions.
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Bishoftu Project:

  • We are delighted to welcome two wonderful additions to our Bishoftu project, two charming boys who are settling in beautifully.
  • School visitation and follow-ups were conducted to support the children's education.
  • Tutoring is provided to address any educational gaps.
  • Construction of the B Loved center is progressing well. See the photos below!
  • A poultry farm has been established as part of our income-generating activities and we should see eggs very soon.

Both projects are growing and fulfilling our mission of providing holistic care and support to vulnerable children. While we have encountered obstacles, your ongoing support and prayers have empowered us to continue and keep moving forward. Thank you!

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