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Love From Across The World

July 19, 2023

We had another lovely visit from our founders and it was wonderful for the kids to be able to celebrate Father's Day with them! We have some pictures to share from the celebration as well as other photos from some of the highlights this past month:

  • The Addis younger boys were surprised by a special gift! They received a Playstation and have loved getting to play video games together.
  • The Addis girl’s group home was renovated and filled with new furniture. Take a look at the photos! They are so pleased with the updates! The water system of the house was also fixed with a new water container and pump.
  • All children are given spiritual support once a week by Evangelist Chere at their home.
  • Sodo children are attending the Sunday worship service with their moms and they are currently studying 1st Kings 3:1-28.
  • All the children celebrated Father’s Day at Addis Group Home and had a fun day playing together at Friendship Park.
  • A meeting was held with children, moms and aunts that focused on the preparation of the kids’ summer program. It also focused on preparing the children for the final exam.
  • Africa Children's Day was celebrated with partners in Sodo town. B Loved Ethiopia contributed some money to help with the event.
  • Our Biogas generation plant started functioning this past month and giving some amount of power!

We continue to provide the children with everything they need to succeed, and most importantly they are loved! Thank you for your ongoing support. They can feel your love from across the world!

If you would like to sponsor a child and help us provide their basic needs you can do so by following the easy steps here: SPONSORSHIPS
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