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Praying and Playing

September 23, 2023

The children have been having fun on summer break all this past month! We have several highlights to share with you:

  • We had a wonderful visit with all the US families! They brought shoes and other gifts such as socks, playing materials, learning materials, chocolates, and toys for all 73 of the B Loved children! They were able to spend precious time together and made lots of happy memories.
  • Our bible studies were extra special in the month of August. The Sodo children read all the chapters of the Gospel of John on a daily basis. They were encouraged to pray and fast on a weekly basis every Wednesday. The technical staff and the volunteers are great examples for them as they pray and fast with the kids. They are helping them to connect with the Lord through studying Bible scriptures, praying with each other, and worshiping together. One of the girls completed a one year master life teaching course and she has now graduated.
  • Tiruye finished her diploma program in Marketing. We were able to celebrate all of her hard work together at the center. You can see pictures from the joyful event below.
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  • A Life skill training course was offered on communication skills, self-discipline and developing a healthy self confidence. The training was given by dividing the Sodo kids into three sub groups based on their age and maturity level.
  • A Student Conference was held at Sodo Town. The conference was prepared for around 300 Sodo youth and our B Loved children. All Addis, Sodo and Bishoftu children attended the student conference. The program is a one-day conference with 9 different speakers. The theme of the conference was “Breaking the Barriers to Your Destiny”. The B Loved US team and Ethiopia team presented sermons with different important topics like: Model life, Overcoming Peer Pressure, Managing Social-Media, Decisions, Choices and Destiny, Time Management, Dealing with Distractions, Dealing with Pornography and Worship in Action.
  • The kids, the technical staff, and the volunteers played games together and had fun while getting some fresh air! They played football, basketball, tennis table, ground table and more!
  • We are currently working hard on the preparation for the New Year academic program.
  • The construction of our center in Bishoftu is still going strong. See the photos below on its progress!

As always, it was wonderful having our US family visit, pray and play alongside us! Thank you for continuing to follow along and supporting us from near or far.

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