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Preparation and Progress

August 18, 2022

All B Loved children are currently enjoying their summer break! Some of our children that were promoted to grade 8 and 12 are registered to start summer classes to help prepare them for the national examination. We had several students with high scores that were recognized and rewarded by the government higher officials.

Tiruye graduated from her Design School!

All Sodo children and moms attended the celebration at the B Loved Ethiopia center in the presence of government officials from the Zone and Town Women and Children Affairs office. B Loved’s Sodo Comprehensive High School students were also awarded. Students who scored high academic achievement in the final semester of the year were given prizes and they were encouraged to keep up the great work.

We are so proud of all their accomplishments!

Our summer program preparation has started and a general plan was prepared for all the children. The necessary materials were purchased for different planned activities and we have several volunteers from Sodo who can be part of the program. Nineteen volunteers were also registered and the staff had a successful meeting. We’re excited to get started!

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We have started a Bible Study with the older Sodo kids on the Gospel of Luke 2:41-51, which discusses the contributing factors of Jesus’ growth. The Sodo project staff is also doing a devotion on a character study on the life of Jesus Christ from the book of Luke.

Two new calves were born! The milk taken from the cows are given to the group home children and the rest is sold to the community members to buy.

B Loved Ethiopia conducted a launching program for the Bishoftu project at Lake Bishoftu Resort. The aim of the launching is to brief the purpose of the project and to invite them to visit the homes of our children at Bishoftu. B Loved Addis children were serving the guests at the entry point of the hall. We gave out promotional materials like notebooks, pens, launching program information, flags and umbrellas to promote B Loved to the guests. B Loved board chairman, Dr. Aschalew gave a welcoming speech for the guests and B Loved Ethiopia Executive director, Mr. Bekele, presented the project summary and the 6 months progress.

The government officials were very happy both in the meeting hall and at the group home visit. In the discussion time they gave us constructive comments and overall it was successful in sharing the full vision of B Loved.

We are excited to see the progression and growth that we are working towards and where God leads us. Thank you for following along with us! 

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