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Proud of all the Progress

March 25, 2023

We had a wonderful visit from our US family! It's always fun getting to spend time with them and the kids are left feeling extra loved.

Academic Achievements

Abadi and Birhanu passed the University Entrance Examination. Abadi is allocated to the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University and he will have already joined the university by the end of this month. Birhanu is allocated to Jimma University and he is waiting for the University announcement.

Several Sodo kids were awarded for their high grades and have a chance to join universities. We are so proud of their hard work!

Music and song learning is a favorite activity in the group homes. One of the B Loved Ethiopia children, Yonatan Biniam, performed by singing Happy Birthday and playing his guitar in front of Sodo children at Wolaita Sodo Stadium at a big celebration event. This boosted his confidence and has encouraged him to keep working hard.

Support was given this month for new clothes, school bags, blankets and text books for group home use. A bread baking machine was also purchased for the group homes which they are excited about.

B Loved children are spiritually progressing every day. They are studying John 1:19-37 and John 1:38-39. Family devotion is a favorite for everyone.

The B Loved Ethiopia Public Library has provided service to 125 students this past month. We are happy to offer this space to our community.

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Bishoftu Project Update

B Loved Ethiopia believes in making good connections and having a strong relationship with other organizations in the community. A team of government bodies (Bishoftu town finance office, women and children affairs and justice office) conducted an institutional review/meeting with us at the Project office. In addition to that, the project director attended a general meeting with NGO and governmental bodies on the issue of supporting the communities affected by the current drought in Oromia region, in the Borana area.

Significant progress can be seen in our center construction at our Bishoftu project. The pictures show the center building being worked on and its current status. The center created job opportunities for more than 30 community workers. We’re happy with how things are coming together and look forward to sharing more with you once it’s complete. We’ve been able to add two new children and are currently screening for more deserving kids to be added to our family. Keep an eye out for an email introducing them!

If these updates leave you wondering how you can help with our mission, we are needing generous sponsors who are willing to give monthly to cover the basic needs of the children in our care. There are several sponsorship opportunities available. See them here and take the easy steps to change a life today. Thank you for your love and support!

All of this progress wouldn't be possible without YOU!

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