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Radiant Rays and Heartfelt Days

March 22, 2024

We are thrilled to share the latest happenings and heartwarming moments from our centers in Sodo and Bishoftu. Here's a glimpse into the impactful activities this month.

Sodo Center Activities:

The children enjoy meaningful playtime twice a week, every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. They get plenty of fun exercise, including swimming in the pool, and they also help water all the plants within the center. Everyone looks forward to this time in the sun.

Visit from B Loved Founders and US Team:

David and Amy, founders of B Loved, along with other special visitors from the US, traveled to Ethiopia this month. Children from Sodo and Bishoftu traveled to Addis Ababa to spend time with each other and their US family. They also visited various recreation centers in the city, and were able to enjoy different games and activities like go kart racing, virtual reality games and more! There were lots of laughs and memories made.

Quire Service at Sare Bete Full Gospel Church:

The children showcased their talents and dedication during a special church service at Sare Bete Full Gospel Church. They led prayers, recited scriptures, and delivered sermons, leaving a profound impact on the congregation. The children's choir delivered a wonderful performance, showcasing their angelic voices and uplifted everyone’s spirits. We are so proud of them!

Art Lessons:

Sodo children attended drawing sessions led by skilled artist Ayalkibet, enhancing their artistic skills through professional guidance. Semira and Tamirayehu have made remarkable progress, and we’ve loved seeing them explore their potential.

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Bishoftu Center Updates:

  • Main Building Construction: Progress on our main building in Bishoftu is going well. The first floor partition is complete, and work has begun on the third floor slab.
  • Poultry Building: A new poultry building has been constructed, welcoming 1000 hens as part of the organization's poultry activities. I think there will be a lot of eggs in our future!

New Children Admission:

Efforts were made to admit new eligible children, with ongoing communication with regional authorities. While plans were in place to admit four children from Adama, pending completion of their transcripts delayed their admission. Your prayers for their smooth admission are appreciated.

As we move forward into April, our commitment to making a meaningful impact in Ethiopia remains strong. We're excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are grateful for your continued support in our journey towards positive change. Thank you for helping make our mission possible.

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