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Reaching New Heights

October 21, 2023

We recently ventured out to hike Mount Damota with all of the Sodo kids. Mount Damota is one of the biggest mountains in the southern region of Ethiopia. It has an altitude of nearly 9,020 ft above the sea level. Fifteen of the older kids, Sodo staff and volunteers all encouraged and challenged each other during the adventure. It was such an inspiring and relational experience together!

The kids were encouraged to create hand-made arts like clothing, drawings, etc. One of the skilled artists volunteered to assist the kids with drawing pictures and ignited some of their creative gifts. It was clear that Habiba Tanu has a talent for drawing pictures.

Our Sodo kids went with volunteers to visit three older, poor women in our community and made them feel loved. It was a great experience for us all!

All 3 group homes are studying the book of Acts this month if you’d like to study along with us!

“It will be that whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”  Acts 2:21

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B Loved organized a celebration for the Ethiopian New Year and created a joyous, festive atmosphere for the children. This event aimed to promote a sense of cultural identity and belonging among the children, fostering a positive and inclusive environment. Everyone had a wonderful time together!

We have been in the process of training our volunteers. Our current teaching is titled “Transformational Mentorship”. It took eight to twelve hours to facilitate the training. The Sodo project director was the main facilitator and one of the Sodo social workers, Shumete, was the co facilitator. It’s going well and very informative for everyone.

One Child, Fraol, was baptized this month! We are so happy to see hearts growing in God’s word.

The construction in Bishoftu is going well and by now, the second floor has been completed. It is so exciting to witness the amazing progress being made.

We have already started the poultry farming building side by side with the main building. This building is planned to accommodate up to 2,000 hens at a time and the main purpose is to use them for the children's consumption and generate income in the future.

We’ve had some more beneficiaries come to join our family! The current count of children in Bishoftu group homes is 6 boys and 11 girls, making a total of 17 kids. That's wonderful progress! As we work to get everyone settled in and information for them on our website, please consider sponsoring a child that is not currently fully sponsored. It helps us to cover their basic monthly needs such as food, clothing, and any other unforeseen expenses. We can’t express to you how much we love you and appreciate your faith in our mission.

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