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Serving Up Summer

August 13, 2023

All B Loved children have successfully finished their academic year and are attending lots of fun summer activities. Here are a few highlights we’d like to share with you:

  • Several students ranked highly in their classes and we are so proud of all their hard work!
  • We conducted a needs assessment in relation to educational support and one of the major areas in which the kids needed extra attention was Reading Practice. Some kids were encouraged to read in front of their siblings and afterwards the staff members and the volunteers offered constructive feedback. We have seen much improvement with this exercise.
  • We’re happy to announce that Tiruye will finish her diploma in Marketing at the beginning of next month. Congratulations!!!
  • Bemi/Boge has finished her Catering training! You can catch her with a big smile in her uniform below in the photos.
  • The Addis Ababa children are attending “Summer Camp” at Love and Care Center and Sodo children at our BLoved center. They play games, swim, draw and are having lots of fun!
  • At church, every child was given a Bible to read on a daily basis. The gospel of John was chosen to be read, one chapter at a time. The kids were also given four bible verses to rehearse, one verse a week. The staff and volunteers have also encouraged them to pray and fast one day a week to help them connect with the Lord while studying scriptures and praying with each other. Some of the kids gave testimonies on how the scriptures healed them from past psychological trauma. It was a powerful experience.
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  • The kids here have also finished their schooling and are enjoying summer break. Their academic results were collected from their school and BLoved Bishoftu project awarded 6 students who ranked from 1 to 3 and had a total average above 95%. We invited guests from churches, Children and Women affairs of the town and our group home neighbors to celebrate at the award ceremony.
  • We are currently working on horticulture farming in the center. The vegetables are growing well. We started using them for our children to eat and also sell at the local market.
  • The construction of the B Loved center in Bishoftu is still going strong. Even if current inflation is challenging the purchase of building materials, BLoved worked hard to finish the planned activities.

When we started this foundation, we knew that we didn’t want to stop until we helped as many kids as we possibly could. It’s truly amazing to see these children being transformed and opening their hearts to Jesus. You are changing lives.

If you would like to give a one time donation to our general fund, click the link below. 100% of these donations help us cover costs for the kids who are not fully sponsored, as well as any other unforeseen expenses or emergencies. Thank you!!


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