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Sew Good!

October 7, 2022

We’ve been busy and having lots of fun!

Here are a few highlights from this past month:
  • Tiruye is shining and performing well in her design classes and learning so much! She sewed 7 school uniforms for her brothers and sisters. We purchased an overlock sewing machine for her to keep learning and growing in her skills. She is doing great!
  • 21 reference books were purchased for the Sodo children and distributed to each of them by the social workers and the nurse at their group homes.
  • Life skill training is planned for this month on Emotional Intelligence and is already arranged for the first of October.
  • Sodo children play soccer games with the community kids at the center and at the community field. Volunteers from Sodo town came to the group homes and played with the kids. One of the female-soccer clubs that regularly have soccer training at the B Loved Ethiopia center won a big game in the town and the club promoted B Loved Ethiopia and celebrated their achievement with Sodo staff! It was a lot of fun.
  • The planned budget was released and we were able to purchase new clothes for the kids! They’re growing a ton and looking great in their new outfits!
  • Ethiopian New Year and Meskel were celebrated in all B Loved group homes. We had a wonderful time together.
  • All the Sodo, Bishoftu kids and some of the staff of Bishoftu and Sodo projects planted seedlings at the new land in Bishoftu. All the team prayed together and celebrated our ownership in the land. We are excited for what God has in store.
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Overcoming Challenges

Shortage of water at the center in Sodo was one of the biggest challenges we faced this past month. The kids were often not able to swim due to low water and the dairy farm was also exposed to a huge shortage of water and the staff was forced to buy water from outside to feed the cows. By this month, a new water pipe line was installed that connected with a preferable water supply/source. Now, water is available at B Loved center both for swimming and dairy farm agriculture. We are very thankful.

Every single donation makes such a huge difference in our efforts and helps us keep up with unforeseen challenges that come in addition to our ongoing expenses to care for the kid’s basic needs. You can make a one time donation to our general fund and 100% goes to support our mission.

Thank you for following along with us!

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