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Special Visitors

November 22, 2022

Time is flying and we’re here with another progress report. The kids are all doing well, learning a lot, and having fun together. This past month we had several special visitors!

- The Love and Care team spent some time each Saturday with our Addis children and it was a great time for them.

- Several volunteers came to tutor some of the kids and help with their school work.

- The Sodo children have soccer games every Saturday with the community kids at the B Loved center which they enjoy very much.

- Volunteers from Sodo church and the pastors came to visit and prayed for the kids. The pastor of the church and Dr. Dereje Mamo visited the kid’s group home to share love for them. They had a Bible study on the benefits of fasting and praying.

It’s important for the kids and the community to get to interact with one another and they both find value in the time spent together.

David was able to come visit us again and spent lots of time with all of the kids. David and all of the Addis children went to Bishoftu and spent the day with the kids there. It was a very special visit.

The B Loved Children presented two spiritual songs for the audience at a conference in honor of the 15th Anniversary of Kidmia. B Loved was presented a nice award for being its partner and all its contributions.

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The Sodo project staff members have been working hard to realize and implement the vision of B Loved Ethiopia. The staff members were acknowledged by the project director for their dedication.

Our cow’s milk production is providing milk to the group home children, with still a lot left over to sell and also feed the calves. Artificial insemination was also done for 6 of the cows. We have run into a challenge of the high production of milk and the staff milking them manually. We are assessing the market to purchase a milking machine to help.

We are meeting with the Women and Children Affair officials about new children being selected for the Bishoftu project and further progress is expected for the construction of the center there.

With lots of growth and new equipment needed, we’d like to ask you to consider B Loved for your end of year giving. You can help by sponsoring a child or giving a one time donation to our general fund. 100% goes to our mission and kids. Thank you for following along with us!

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