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Summer Smiles & Seedlings

September 16, 2022

We’ve had a really fun start to our summer break!

The Summer program includes: sport competition, art, planting seedlings, life skill training, computer skills, reading books at the library, and video games.

Some other extra fun activities enjoyed this past month were:
  • Sodo children played many soccer games with the community kids at the center
  • Volunteers from Sodo town came to the group homes and shared love to the kids

The kids really enjoy when the community people come and spend time with them at the group homes.

  • Bishoftu children came to Addis to play together with Addis Ababa children

It was the first time for Bishoftu children to meet their brothers and sisters at Sodo. They were extremely happy.

  • 5 of B Loved children attended and finished their music class training
  • Rahel is attending Decor training
  • Boge is enjoying and performing well at her catering training
  • All B Loved children went to Hawassa for recreation and went swimming at the Hawassa Haile Resort
  • B Loved US family visited all B Loved Ethiopia children

The children were very excited and spent precious time with their dad, mom and other family members.

One of the activities during the US family trip is planting trees in the B Loved center. Government officials, Head of Women and Children affairs office and communication officers also participated in the planting activities. It is so fun to watch them all grow over the years.

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Community Mobilization

B Loved Ethiopia has been making an effort to involve the community in the care and support of the OVC and on the development effort of the community at Sodo town. The community volunteers did a sanitation campaign at the development center since they consider the center as the property of the community. One community group involved is the Temsalet Football Team. The Sodo Town church youth group also bought seedlings and planted 200 at the compound!

Great commission Ethiopia or Campus Crusade National staff came to visit Sodo project to look for any potential partnership.

Bishoftu Project Update

We have hired two security guards and an additional guard will be hired by next month. We have begun to build two security guard houses and are working on other areas for the new center. We are happy with the progress we’re making.

If you would like to make a one time donation to help us with our efforts, we are always so grateful! Thank you for following along with us!

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