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Thankful and Blessed

November 14, 2023

This time of year we always feel extra thankful for all of our blessings, including you! We are so blessed to have you supporting our mission and loving the kids from across the world. Thank you for being here!

Here is an update on what we’ve been up to this past month:

All B Loved children have started their new academic year and are getting back into the swing of things. Our Sodo children were assisted by social workers to prepare a weekly schedule for their daily activities and this is helping them become more independent.

The social workers have also assisted in creating a daily Bible reading habit. Most of the kids are practicing reading a chapter from Proverbs on a daily basis. We invite you to read along with them!

We are encouraging all the children to be responsible, good stewards of our resources. We want them to feel thankful and blessed for what they have. Several kids were taken to market places to learn about the market inflation and to sense the need of using resources wisely. They were also given tasks to assist moms and learn to be skillful in home activities. You can see a photo below of Bushere baking ‘Injera’ and Tamirayehu and Merdekios cutting wood into smaller pieces for the fire to bake the Injera, which is a favorite here.

Training was given to the staff on “Shepherding a Child’s Heart”. The training was focused on parenting and was conducted at one of the group homes. It is facilitated by the project director and co-facilitated by the social workers. The content of the training included: the critical importance of teaching, giving clear instructions, warnings, corrective action, discipline and prayer.

We also held a life skill training on “Effective Study Techniques” at the B Loved Ethiopia Holistic Development Center. The training was given based on the need assessment and it was the first training given to the kids on the topic “Study Techniques”.

A Government monitoring team came out and visited the group homes. They had fun and encouraged the moms and the children. It was a nice visit!

We offered our soccer and basketball field to the community youth groups to play and more than four sport clubs use the B Loved Ethiopia center for practice and games. We love that we can share this with our community.

By the reporting month, 1,904 liters of milk were produced from the cows! The milk is given to the kids and the rest is sold at a local market. We also currently have one pregnant cow.

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We are happy to announce that in this reporting month, B Loved Ethiopia has increased the number of beneficiaries in Bishoftu from 14 to 17.

We now have 11 girls and 6 boys. We are excited to have them a part of our B Loved family and are getting them all settled in. All of our students here are learning in private schools and doing well!

A team from the US called Help One Now came to visit our kids. They spent precious time with our children and were a great encouragement to them.

The construction of the B Loved center is going well by this month. It has reached about 70% of structural and 40% of inter building work.

Our number of cattle in Bishoftu increased from 7 to 13 and fully covered milk consumption for our children. Most of the cows are pregnant. We are also working hard on our poultry farm at Bishoftu. We have started a poultry farming building to house 2,000 chickens!

We are so thankful for each one of you that follows along with us and we pray that God continues to bless you like you have blessed us. As we enter into the giving season, please consider a donation to B Loved. You can give one time or sponsor a child. Either way, 100% goes directly towards our mission of offering hope and a better life to vulnerable children here in Ethiopia. Thank you for supporting us!

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