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The Future is Bright

July 8, 2021

After recently celebrating 8 years, we are excited more than ever for the bright future of our kids and the organization.

We held an award ceremony after school to motivate the kids and to give recognition for those who had high scores and great improvement in their academics and their behavior. Seven students were selected and awarded. The prizes were given to: Tekalign Teshome, Ashenafi Abera, Tekalign Mitiku, Abraham Amare, Wubalem Mitiku, Bereket Alemayehu and Bereket Markos (He was specially selected and awarded for his promotion from grade one to grade three because of his great performance in school.)

We had some wonderful volunteers and guests from the community come to socialize with our children. Volunteers from Evangelical Theological College and 3rd year Community Development students came to support our children. One of the volunteers was assigned for the girls group home and the other two were assigned for the two boys group homes. During their visit they prayed and shared the word of God and the children were very happy to spend time with them.

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Each group home has two new cupboards to use for storage and organization. These quality cupboards were delivered to each group home and all the kids are so excited and already enjoying them.

In general, the spiritual status of the kids is very remarkable. They love God and they love one another. They value the family spirit and what they have. The spiritual support given so far has made them knowledgeable about the word of God and spiritually strong. Every B Loved child continues to go to church every Sunday. It is observed that it makes them happy and courageous. The children have prayer and bible study time every night.

Since community mobilization is crucial to strengthen our relationship with the community and the government offices, B Loved Ethiopia contributed some funds to the facilitation of the Great Run in Wolaita Sodo. Some of B Loved’s staff members and kids attended the great run. The government office and the Zonal Sport counsel acknowledged the contribution of B Loved Ethiopia by giving an official certificate approved by the Zonal president.


After continual and tireless effort, the land request from B Loved to build the remaining group homes has been APPROVED! The formal approval paper has been issued and hopefully, we will start the pre-construction process in the month of July/2021. We are so thankful and excited to finally be able to take these next steps to grow and bring in more deserving children. We appreciate all of your prayers and support throughout this journey. We will continue to keep you updated with the progress of the new homes and if you would like to be directly involved, you are able to make a one time donation to our general fund that will help us through the building process. MAKE A ONE TIME DONATION

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