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Two Thumbs Up

July 21, 2022

Although only a monthly has gone by, we have so much to update about.

Our 11 kids with the Bishoftu project are doing well and some of them are already in school! A few of the older kids were not able to get registered immediately, but we have found a school that can accommodate them this fall. They are learning from home with a tutor and eager to start this next school year. All of the kids in Bishoftu receive psychological and spiritual support and we have already seen a huge difference in them the few months they’ve been with us.

They enjoyed a visit with the kids from Addis Ababa as well as with David who gave us all a surprise visit! They were playing, dancing, and worshiping freely without any fear and it was wonderful to see. David’s visits are always so good for the kids' morale and they were very happy to spend time with him.

B Loved Ethiopia’s head office team met with the Wolaita Sodo Project and training was given for all the staff on ‘Stewardship’ and ‘Resource Management’. The staff offered amazing ideas on how to minimize waste and how to use the center for income generating purposes.

In the Forum, there was a ceremony in which all the NGOs (non profits) were gathered and shared their best experiences with the government officials. There are about 54 NGOs in Wolaita Zone and B Loved Ethiopia was selected to present in the presence of all the government officials and other NGO managers. Wolaita TV documented the best experience-presentation and the TV station broadcasted and promoted B Loved Ethiopia’s achievements. B Loved Ethiopia was given a recognition certificate for its hard work in holistic care and support of orphans. This was a wonderful experience.

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Three of the Addis children got baptized at Full Gospel Church after they finished their preparation. By the smiles on their faces you can tell this was a special moment.

The deputy of the Federal Authority of Civil Society Organization, Mr. Facikaw Molla, with his team, came to visit Sodo project. The team had 11 members. Mr. Fasikaw and his team learned what B Loved has been doing for the last nine years. There was a brief presentation on what B Loved is doing and then they visited each activity at the holistic development center. After all visits, there was a reflection time based on the visit. In brief, they were impressed at how much B Loved has done in such a short period of time and that our operations can be a good example for other similar organizations.

B Loved conducted a screening for 5 children (boys) to be admitted to the Bishoftu project. They are currently living in an organization called ‘Yosef Children’s Home’ in Adama/Naziret. After getting the approval they will officially be a part of B Loved’s family! We are so happy that we are able to continue to grow and help these deserving children.

As you well know, market inflation is high and has made it very challenging to fulfill basic needs of our children so your support is greatly needed and appreciated. If you are not able to commit to a monthly sponsorship at this time, please consider a one time donation. No amount is too small and it goes a long way to care for the children. Thank you for being a part of our family!

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