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Welcoming the New Year

January 6, 2021

Happy New Year! Despite the challenges that 2020 threw everyone’s way, we ended the year on a high note and have some wonderful things to report.

Opening the Holistic Center to the Community

The Holistic Development Center has officially opened up to the community and groups such as churches, youth groups, government offices, and other community individuals are able to use the center for soccer, basketball, gathering, training, etc. We are proud to be able to offer this facility to our community. If you’ve never seen the center you are able to take a virtual tour! Click here to check it out.

Government Monitoring Visit

The monitoring team from the Regional and Zone BOFED came to monitor Sodo Project at the end of December. The team supervised both at group homes and the development center (office). The monitoring team was taking pictures, asking questions, and observing reports. We are happy to report that they were satisfied about the follow up system of the organization at group homes, the cleanliness of the group homes, the medical referral system, the family atmosphere among group home members and the staff as well as the service that the center is providing for the community!

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A Life Skill training has been given to Addis kids that lasted over several days. This training was given by CDTRC team at “Gudina Tumsa Training Center” and was mainly focusing on how to set personal vision, mission, goals and how to find their identity. During this training session, trainers were spending dedicated time with individuals discussing specific problems and solutions and also assisting them with their own vision, goal and mission. It was found to be very beneficial especially to help the children see their bright future.

Merdokiyos Meskele is very talented and has always enjoyed creating things. He has amazing ideas from easily available and thrown away materials. To enhance his ability, he came to Addis last October. A group of people came from “Ye Ethiopia Lejoch TV program” to visit and take pictures of his work. They interviewed him for 25 minutes and gave him time to present his creations. They loved his work and promised to release them through the media as soon as possible. Merdokiyos was very courageous and did a great job!


As reported previously, grade 8 national exam was put on hold by the government for 7 months due to COVID-19. Finally, the government decided to give the exam in the month of December and both Sodo and Addis kids took the exam successfully. After test day, B Loved took all the exam takers to a well liked restaurant and had a nice lunch together. See their smiling faces >>>

In total, eight kids (7 from Addis, 1 from Sodo) took the exam and they were anxious to know their results. Addis Education Bureau released the result and all our children are promoted to the next grade level with excellent scores!

We want to give a special mention to Tekalegn, Bereket, Bogalech and Rahel who all scored especially high. We are so happy and proud of them! Praise God!!

This year we have some big things in the works and are wanting to be able to care for more kids who are needing a place to call home. If you would like to join us in making this possible we are always grateful for your support.


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